What Can Be Used as Collateral at Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc.?

Being incarcerated is often an unpleasant ordeal, as it leaves you and your loved ones with the task of coming up with enough money to cover the cost of a bond through a bail agent. But even if you do not have enough cash on hand to pay, you may still own enough property or goods that can be used instead. If you own any of the following, you may be able to use them as collateral for a bond with our agency in order to walk free today.

Personal Property

Cash: The most simple form of collateral is to provide the cash equal to a % amount of the bond required. Cash, money orders, credit cards, or cashier checks are the only forms of cash accepted. Using cash to secure a bail for a bail bond ensures the defendant is backed by the Bail Bonds company and the Insurance Company with which the bail bondsman works.

Stocks & Bonds: The value of assets that are in the market can be used to secure a bail bond if the defendant offers brokerage statements to prove value and access to the stocks and bond.

Certificate of Deposit: A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a special type of deposit with a bank, credit union, or investment firm that typically offers a high rate of interest than checking or savings. This is because you cannot access your balance prior to the maturity date without an early withdrawal penalty or an opportunity cost of the future interest lost. A CD is accepted as collateral with proper certification of value and access to the deposit.

Businesses: To transfer the value of a business as collateral, the record of finances needs to be assessed to determine whether it has sufficient revenues and liquid cash on hand. This type of collateral may take longer than others to be evaluated.

Personal Property: It is difficult to establish value for personal items therefore most bail bondsmen do not accept personal property. However, particular items which can be easily appraised, such as art, is accepted by Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. We do not accept items such as jewelry, automobiles, and boats.

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