What is the difference between a $10,000.00 bail and a $15,000.00 Bail Bond

When bail is set in New York State, the Judge is required to set two types of bail.  This first type of bail is generally a cash amount that you can deposit directly with the court to obtain the release of the defendant.  The amount you pay for this is determined by the court. An example of a bail is if bail is set at $10,000.00 bail and $15,000.00 bail bond, you can post $10,000.00 with the court or jail directly or obtain a $15,000.00 bond.  The $15,000.00 bail bond would be obtained through a bail bond agency. This can also be referred to as an insurance company bond, a surety bail bond, or a bail bondsman. The cost for a $15,000.00 bail bond in New York County or Kings County will be $1,160.00.  Collateral may also be required (An additional $1,500.00-$3,000.00 on a $15,000.00 bond) but that is refundable at the conclusion of the court case regardless of guilt or innocence provided the defendant appears at all of their court dates. The $1,160.00 is the non refundable charge that the bail bond company earns when the bond is posted.  If the person signing for the bail bond owns real estate (their own home) Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. will waive any cash collateral that may be required by other bail bond companies.

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