Who We Are

Our credo

Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. treats every client with the respect and dignity they deserve. Whether your bond is valued at a thousand dollars or a million dollars you will receive the exceptional level of service on which we’ve built our reputation.

Our associations

Founder Neil Pedersen is an individual voting member of Professional Bail Agents of the United States, the group that serves as the voice of the sector and the definitive source of key insights, best practices, and enrichment for bail bond practitioners. This association enables Nationwide Bail Bond Agency to remain apprised of legislative trends as they take shape all over the country.

In addition, Nationwide is a supporting member of the New York State Bail Bond Association, the lobbying group for the bail bond industry in New York State.The firm consistently attends NYSBBA meetings and actively participates in discussions on how to improve the industry in New York State.

Our values

Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. prides itself on cultivating the most educated staff in the industry. Our employees are Masters of Risk — not only do they know how to manage it, they know how to mitigate it.  We require all of our employees to pursue professional risk management designations such as the Associate in Risk Management and the Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding. Our ability to mitigate risk allows our company not only to write more bail bonds but also to write them more intelligently. To date, our loss ratio is less than 1 percent, which means that for every $100.00 of premium that we have written, we have paid out less than $1.00 in claims. This gives our firm more credibility,not only with the court system but also with the surety companies we represent.

Transparency is another company pillar. Office visits by clients are not taxed with hidden fees or add-on expenses to the price we quote, and we are equally forthcoming about our backgrounds and ownership. In other words, we lay all of our cards on the table because we do not believe in surprises.

Discretion and privacy are the currency of our business. Many companies that gain access to personal information during routine transactions with clients collect and sell this confidential information to other companies for a profit. In many cases and in many industries this practice is legal and above board.  Nationwide Bail Bond Agency however does NOT sell and has NEVER sold the personal information of its clients. Instead, our clients turn to us for our vow to honor the confidentiality of our dealings.

Geographic flexibility

Nationwide understands the importance of securing a loved one’s release from jail and we collaborate with our colleagues in other states to secure a prompt release. Since opening our doors in Lower Manhattan, New York City’s legal epicenter, we have posted bail in every county in New York City and several of the counties surrounding both Albany and Syracuse.

The firm’s reach extends across the country. Often this versatility has benefited families whose young-adult children have gotten into trouble far from the Tri-state area where they lived and thus needed bonds posted in places such as Pennsylvania, California, Florida, and elsewhere.

Our approach

Building relationships for the long haul

According to a recent study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 75 percent of those released from prison after serving a sentence are arrested again within five years of their release. Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc.’s experience with high recidivism rates bears this out. Many of our clients have been re-arrested while out on bail for crimes similar to their original crime. If our client is assigned additional bail on the new charge, they often return to Nationwide to secure their release. Because we understand the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships with our clients, we endeavor to make a lasting, favorable impression on all parties and to ensure that Indemnitors/Co-Signers are reimbursed for the release of a defendant.

Exceeding clients’ expectations

Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. has amassed deep experience in both bail source hearings and 72-hour sureties. One of our most notable cases involved a relatively small bond for a defendant being charged with drug-related offenses. We assisted in the defense effort by providing a year of bank statements from the two Indemnitors/Co-signers for the bail, the Indemnitors’ W-2 forms, and the agreements used to secure the defendant’s release. But the Assistant District Attorney pushed for a bail hearing without regard for the evidence presented by the defense and would not change his mind. In light of the ADA’s lack of flexibility, the defendant’s attorney requested that Nationwide’s Neil Pedersen attend the hearing in the event he was needed as a witness. With a high level of service and professionalism, Neil made sure the Indemnitors were informed during every step of the process. The Judge ultimately sided with defense counsel and waived the bail hearing, which left the Indemnitors very pleased.

Putting a premium on discretion and confidentiality

A few years ago Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. posted a bail bond at the request of an Indemnitor (Co-signer), who happened to be the defendant’s mother. An employee of a law firm, she asked that the firm handle the matter as discreetly as possible. With expedience and concision, Nationwide was able to explain both the bail bond application and the 72-hour surety processes to a New York City Judge. The 72-hour surety required the provision of financial information to the ADA to prove that the funds used to secure the bail bond were obtained from a legitimate source.  The ADA quickly approved the surety and the defendant was promptly released from jail.

Offering counsel our clients appreciate

Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. has experience posting bail bonds for defendants charged with violating restraining orders. In one particularly noteworthy case, the defendant was arrested two more times for violating the restraining order. Nationwide secured and posted each of those three bonds. One of the alleged violations centered on the accuser making contact with the defendant while breaking into the defendant’s apartment. The agency provided the defendant with practical advice and offered some ideas on how he might relocate in order to distance himself from the alleged victim.

Prior cases

Across state lines:  A retired Florida State Department of Corrections Officer who was arrested and transferred from the Volusia County Courthouse to the Volusia County Jail was unable to make bail through a local bail bondsman because the family members who would have served as Indemnitors/Co-signers for the bond lived in New York. Because corrections officers historically experience difficulty in prison due to harassment and retribution by the prison population, there was an inherent urgency to his case. Nationwide was contacted by his daughter who lived in Brooklyn. We met with his daughter and ex-wife who both indemnified (co-signed) the surety for the bond. They paid the premium and we were able to secure his release the same day. We were happy to reunite him with his daughter during what must have been the most difficult few days of his life.

All in the family:  Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. received a call from the father of a young woman who was dating a college student who found himself behind bars because he was arrested for a DUI in the town adjacent to the state university he attended in Pennsylvania. The defendant’s parents were traveling internationally and would not return to the U.S. for several days. Nationwide Bail Bond Agency was able to secure his release by allowing the father of the defendant’s girlfriend to secure the bond.  The student was able to get his affairs in order and properly deal with his pending trial and the university’s investigation and sanction. Had he remained in jail pending his trial or for the ensuing week as he awaited his parents’ return, the outcome may not have been as favorable.

Land as collateral:  When a defendant was charged with Grand Larceny in New York County Supreme Court, Criminal Term,Nationwide Bail Bond Agency, Inc. was asked to issue a large bail bond. A close family friend of the defendant came forward and offered unencumbered land to secure the bond. Nationwide was able to assign a value to the land and place a lien against it. The Judge ordered a 72-hour surety on the bond,which required the District Attorney assigned to the case to verify that the premium for the bail bond was paid with legitimate funds and that the collateral was not purchased with ill-gotten gains. Nationwide Bail Bond Agency was able to prove both and the defendant was released from jail.